• Techno-Pak


    Letter of recommendation

    We would like to sincerely recommend MK Steel company seated in Czestochowa, ul Bór 18/24. It should be outlined that the convyor belt was produced with the supreme precision and now it is used in the shrink tunnel.
    The product was made at short notice and fully performs its tasks.  
    Moreover, we are glad to say the service provided is utterly professional and qualified which makes the company a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

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  • Ferrero


    Letter of recommendation

    Mr Konrad Ignaciuk has started coopertation with Ferrero Poland Ltd. in 2008 as a producer of the conveyor belts. Mr Ignaciuk is a great expert in this field of industry who always professionally preforms the given tasks.
    I fully recommend Ignaciuk Conveyor Belts seated in Częstochowa, ul. Ikara 246 as a solid, reliable and cooperative company which is ready to meet all the needs of the costumers.

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  • Winkelmann


    Letter of recommedation

    It is our pleasure to recommend MK Steel which proved to be a realiabe company. The heat resistant conveyor belt used in the hydrogen surrounding produced by MK Steel  has fully reached our expectation. The order was perfomed on time and the belt works without any flaws.

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  • Nestle Polska S.A.

    Nestle Polska S.A.


    Letter of recommendation


    We would like to sincerely recommend ‘Ignaciuk’ Conveyor Belts seated in Czestochowa,
    ul. Ikara 246. The coveyors belts which we use in the chocolate dispenser lines reach the highest standards.

    It must be noticed that the belts produced by Iganciuk are solid, resistant and made with great precision.

    We view Iganciuk as a reliable business partner who fulfil the needs of every custumer and perform the given tasks with due care.


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  • Z.T. ELCAL

    Z.T. ELCAL


    Letter of recommendation


    We would like to express our satisfaction at the cooperation with ‘IGNACIUK’.

    The belts produced by IGNACIUK fully preform its tasks in bakery and confectionery machines.

    We are glad to say the belts were produced with great care and what is more within the time set.

    These make IGNACIUK a completly dependable company.

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